Shri. Ravi Bharapuria

Indoors Games

 Sport is fun and exciting to watch as well as play. Sport is essential not only for the physical fitness and growth of a child not also for his mental growth,

Including values such as dedication, discipline and responsibility and teaching many relevant life lessons.

 Physical Fitness :- Strengthening  and toning the muscles and bones in the body.

Keeps in excellent shape, keeping the immunity system strong.

 Team Spirit :- They learn how to work in groups.

 Mental Strength :- Success and failure one both parts of sports as well as life.

One learns to handle defect and treat success. It also teaches how to handle

Competition. May be fearless  when facing adversaries. Increase Self confidence.

 Constructive use of time:- Physical energies one used up in constructive activities,

Given free time they might set involved in wrong activities or may fall in wrong company.

Winners of the Different games:

Ref. Game Name M / F Age Group 1st 2nd
1 Carrom - Single F Below 12 Hiral Savla Tanvi Dedhia
2 Chess F Below 12 Parvi Gala Druvi Shah
3 Carrom - Single M Below 12 Harsh Sangoi Veer Haria
4 Chess M Below 12 Hriday Sangoi Darsh Savla
5 Carrom - Single F 12 to 16 Palak Chheda Khushi Chheda
6 Carrom - Double F 12 to 16 Palak Chheda Khushi Chheda
7       Meha Gavla Dhruti Lalan
8 Carrom - Single M 12 to 16 Jianiam Dedhia Abhishek Chheda
9 Carrom - Double M 12 to 16 Jianiam Dedhia Manan Dedhia
10       Abhishek Chheda Tej Lapsiya
11 Table Tennis
M 12 to 16 Manan Shah Tejas Dedhia
12 Chess M 12 to 16 Manan Dedhia Pratik Nagda
13 Carrom - Single F Above 16 Kajal Dedhia Nutan Chheda
14       Kajal Dedhia Kusum Gada
15       Alpa Gada Mansi Gala
16 Table Tennis
F Above 16 Kajal Dedhia Devanshi
17 Chess F Above 16 Hetal Vira Nirali Shah
18 Carrom - Single M Above 16 Jigar Furia Bhavesh Chheda
19 Carrom - Double M Above 16 Bhavesh Chheda Jigar Furia
20       Manish Chheda  
21 Table Tennis
M Above 16 Preet Mota Ketan Chheda
22 Chess M Above 16 Chintan Vikam Nirav Dharod
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